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03 October 2016 @ 10:50 pm
Does anyone know a a simple way to get the html tags into a Word document (on a Mac) without manually coding every single italicized word? I know it's possible, but I don't know how. An explanation dumbed down for a luddite would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
03 October 2016 @ 03:03 pm
So, posting has begun!  How are you all feeling about that?  We want you to share your thoughts and feelings, but we Mods had some thoughts as well...

  • Please pimp the games. You can spread the word anywhere you wish, LJ, Tumblr, AO3, Facebook, Twitter, spray-painted on highway overpasses. (Note: we do not officially condone the defacing of public property.)  We've even provided you a banner (see previous post), but you are also free to make you own.  The only thing we ask is that you do not give away your (or anyone else's) identity as you pimp.

  • Please read, view, and comment. Support your friends, teammates, and even the people on the other team.  Comments make people's days, they make all the hours and hours of creative agony worth it.  Think about how happy you feel when you receive comments - now make someone else happy, too! Don't forget, though, participants cannot vote. You will, however, get special awards and recognition for your comments, so... do it!

  • Say something nice and expect the same. Remember, we have participants who are first-time writers/artists and who are not native English speakers - besides, everybody makes mistakes now and then. Be supportive and be positive, and please recognize that commenting just to point out a mistake can be a dick move. At the same time, if you receive a comment that offends you, please let a Mod know and we will remove it. We have a zero-tolerance policy for trolls and flames.  Also, if you find an error in your own piece, please contact the Mods and we will try to fix it for you within 24 hours.

  • Don't despair if you don't immediately get a lot of responses to your piece right after it is posted. Remember, it can take a lot of time for people to find and read things, especially if your work is on the longer side.  Also, we post in the morning (on the West Coast of North America), but that is the middle of the night in some places. In fact, some people only read and comment on the weekends/their days off, so it can take at least a week or two for votes and comments to really get rolling. Also, please note that LJ does not always accurately show all the votes cast in a poll, so that number can appear falsely low sometimes. By the end of the The Games, your piece should get plenty of attention.

  • A great way to get more attention to your (and everyone's) work is to recommend it.  These are called "recs" and they can take place on your LJ journal, your Tumblr, or just about anywhere.  If you recommend a piece and link that recommendation HERE (http://rs-games.livejournal.com/206431.html#comments), we can make sure that even more people see it by sending it into the daily_snitch.  For The Snitch to post something as a "hot rec," it must have three recs from other sources and these recs must give a link to the piece (AO3 or LJ is okay) and say at least a few words about why it is recommended.  Each day, comments will appear to this post, one for each work posted.  If you recommend that work (or anything posted previously), please respond to that comment with a link to your recommend.  The Mods will collect these and send them into The Snitch which then draws moer attention to the Games and the works.

So, how do YOU feel now?
02 October 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Welcome to RS_Games 2016
There is a Time and a Place for Everything
Read more about RS_Games, the theme, the rules, how it works, etc.Collapse )

We will be collecting Hot Recs for the Daily_Snitch:
One of our goals is to share the love of our ship and the fantastic works people have created with as many people as possible. One way to do this is to recommend things everywhere, including your own journal and on the daily_snitch.

For those who are unaware, the daily_snitch is a wonderful website that compiles HP works to share with others. They have something called "Hot Recs" which features any work - even anonymous ones - that have at least three recommendations, from three different people, on three different sites. Our goal is to gather as many Hot Recs as possible and point as many people in the direction of the Games as we possibly can.

Rules for Hot RecsCollapse )

Each day, comments will appear on this post containing the titles of the day's works. If you rec a story (LJ, Tumblr, anywhere) please respond to that comment with a link to your rec. We would also really appreciate it, if you put the title of the work in the subject line of the comment. When we collect three recs for a single work, we will send it into the daily_snitch to become a hot rec.

And here is a pimping banner for those of you to use, if you wish, to pimp rs_games! Just copy & paste the coding in the text box to wherever you wish (like your personal LJ) and pimp away!!

Art by epithalamium

08 September 2016 @ 12:35 pm
Hi, Team! I'm posting the first page of the piece I wrote as a pinch hit. If you like what you see, (or if you don't!) please consider beta-ing it. It's not very long (5K), and it's sexy (NC-17, though what I've included here is just R I think), and a mixture of angst, smut, romance, and a dash of humor. Warnings hereCollapse )

I'm new to this fandom and don't know many people yet, so my beta network is limited to...you all. If you can step up as a beta, I (and the mods, and the rest of our teammates) would be grateful. Thanks! Excerpt here:Collapse )
27 August 2016 @ 09:02 am
Hey Time Turners!

I need some Beta help. I’ll be truly grateful for any assistance, and more than happy to return the favor (for anything you've written in this fandom, whether it’s part of these games or not).

First request: I’m pinch-hitting for our team (OUR TEAM, PEEPS!) and this second fic needs a look-over.

Summary: Trapped beneath a sleeping Remus, Sirius is counting the hours until he’s allowed to wake him up again. He’s trying to be good, really he is. But he’s Sirius Black. Not PWP, despite the tags below--there is plot, in which we examine why Sirius really played the Prank, and whether Moony has fully forgiven him.

The specs: 4200 words. NC-17. Remus/Sirius, Marauders’ Era. Sirius’s POV. Angst/smut/romance. Happy ending.

No real warnings beyond the rating. specific tags hereCollapse )

Second request: Over the summer I got a massive plot bunny in my head about something from Prisoner of Azkaban, and wrote a fic featuring Remus and, uh, Snape. But it’s Wolfstar compliant, I promise. I’m making the beta request here because I’m pretty new to this fandom and don’t have many connections yet. Can you set me up?

Summary: Remus has only been a professor for one week, but he’s already given Snape yet another reason to hate him. It's time to make amends. Also not PWP; more like a meditation on intimacy, atonement and its motivations--that happens to have a bunch of warnings under the cut.

Specs: 6000 words. NC-17. Remus/Snape, POA era. Remus’s POV. Angst/smut/more angst. Background Remus/Sirius.

Warnings and tags hereCollapse )

Thanks in advance to anyone who'd like to read. You could also read first and then decide if you want to beta, if you're on the fence.


Hey, Time-Turners!

Well, both check-in and the grace period have come and gone and we have good news and bad news for you. So lets get the bad part out of the way first. Unfortunately, y'all have had quite a few drops/people who disappeared. In fact, the Teams now stand at 38 participants for Team Place and 34 for Team Time.  And that is including (and this is the good news) your newest friend!  Introducing, your shiny new Team member, the super fabulous iwltxo!

So, we Mods have managed to recruit at least one new and wonderful person to help fill out your Team, but we could use your help, too. Do you know people who might want to play? Ask them!  Do you have suggestions and would prefer the Mods to ask them?  Let us know who they are and we will!  Alternatively, you could create an extra piece and submit it. Either way, the goal is to get four more people/pieces for Team Time. (Time pieces? Hmmm...)

These new peiecs are called Pinch HIts and the new people are like Pinch Hitters.  They (or you, if you're doing a second piece) can choose any prompt and have their submission finished by October 14th. We''' be out there recruting for you, but, again, please help us help you!  You can respond to this post to offer to create an additional piece or email/PM us with a name.  Or just ask someone!

12 August 2016 @ 10:45 am
Do you want to be a beta?
Do you need a beta?
Do you simply want to know who might be available to beta?

Please don't panic if you're not yet at the stage you need a beta; probably most people are not.  But it is always good to pick one early and get started.  Also, some people prefer to have their work beta'd bit by bit as the go along. So here is your chance to get started on that process if you wish.

Click to be a beta or find the beta of your dreams...Collapse )
Questions? Ask a mod!
05 August 2016 @ 04:21 pm
Hi teammates!

This is an unprecedented situation, in that I have my idea and structure together, like, before September (and I've even written less than 50 words!) But I'm stuck and feeling very frustrated =/ Details under the cut, advice much appreciated!

what is a plot and how do you it?Collapse )
A few Wolfstar questions--Two nitpicky, one Britpicky, one about a tattoo. If anyone wants to weigh in on any of these, I’d love to hear from you!

1.People who know Scotland, or at least the UK: what flora would be growing in the field around the Shrieking Shack in June?

2.After doing a fair bit of research on Stack Exchange, I’ve come to the conclusion that you get your wand broken if you are an underage wizard who was expelled (like Hagrid, and as Harry is threatened with in OotP) but NOT if you are sentenced to life in Azkaban (all the Death Eaters get their wands back, esp. Bellatrix). So: where is Sirius’s wand during book 3? At the Ministry? At Azkaban? Show of hands?

3. mild profanityCollapse )

3a : I can't get the cut feature to work! Is there a trick to it? I pasted in just what it says to before and after the sentence. What am I doing wrong? Or can you all see the cut?

4.I am toying with getting another tattoo, and possibly even a fandom tattoo. If you saw the following set of typographical symbols on somebody’s arm, and you were--we’re speaking hypothetically here, of course--a Wolfstar shipper, would you understand it?
( / *

And BTW, the parenthesis, slash and asterisk would be rendered in a typeface like that of an old manual typewriter, not in this dumb sans serif font.

Thank you in advance, teammates!